The Lives Of Others


  1. Sobibor
  2. The Poor
  3. Discharged
  4. Spicey Food
  5. Mortale
  6. Quint
  7. Custom TV
  8. Moist Heat
  9. The lives Of Others
  10. Vallhalla
  11. Degradation
  12. Mandarin Heartbeat
The title “Lives of Others” is multi intepretable; of course there’s the Famous film by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck about the “Stasi” in former Eastern Germany, but also points out to for example the poor looking at rich people, or a different vieuwpoint by us making music.
We always kept our music “for ourself” eager to make new songs again, but now we’ve felt it’s time to share these sounds with the world.
The Lives Of Others is the first released album by BeesandUs. It features 12 brand new songs written by Chris and Menno. We’ve invited experienced musicians like Carel B. Hoyng who played stunningly saxes and Andre Heuvelman who performed amazing trumpets.
Hope you like it like we do; enjoy!

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